Sapere Aude - Dare to Know


'Critical Thinking in the Elementary School: Practical Guidance in Building a Culture of Thinking in the Classroom'

Chapter 9 in 'Critical Thinking and Reasoning - Theory, Development, Instruction, and Assessment' published by Brill 2020

'A Teacher's Guide to Philosophy With Children'

with Keith Topping and Steve Trickey. 

New in 2019

Complete theory and practice of the TTP method as developed to three stages. The book provides teachers with the process and structures to engage children in enquiring into moral, ethical, and spiritual questions. Published by Routledge.

'Thinking with Ava and Grandpa'

A series of six picture books for infants, and a booklet for teachers. Each book contains advice for teachers on how to allow children to enjoy the story, as well as draw out the philosophical points and start to develop critical thinking.

'Thinking Through Philosophy' Books 1 to 4

The series proven through robust research projects in Scotland and the US to develop intellect and emotional intelligence. Suitable for 8 to 12 year olds. Each book contains a year's programme with full teacher notes and directions. Translated into Dutch and Korean and also used in projects in the UK, US, South Africa, Grenada, India and Hungary.

'Thinking Through Personal and Social Development'

Designed for secondary school pupils, the common topics of PSD/PSHE are covered in a way that stimulates thinking and avoids just the delivery of facts. Topics such as relationships, smoking, drug use, are covered.

'Let's Think'

A book containing 50 stories for primary school assemblies from a variety of cultures. The approach is to stimulate thinking and have active participation.

*** All of the above are available from the publisher 'Eprint', and from Amazon, Tesco and online booksellers ***

Caribbean Resources

Resources especially written for schools in the Caribbean, using traditional stories and poems.

Indian Resources

Stories from the Indian tradition have been translated into Marathi, with teachers' notes.

Please contact us if interested in these resources.

Deepening the Enquiry

Two sets of resources to develop dialogical skills and the social skills of an enquiry. These are used in a formative assessment way in which the pupils focus on their own collective and individual skills and build on the weaknesses. Available electronically.

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