Sapere Aude - Dare to Know

People we have worked with say...


§ Staff have been surprised at the level of interest and involvement from their pupils and also the ideas and opinions which they have expressed and justified. It has become a valued programme.

§ All children in the class had developed more confidence. Children who wouldn’t before offer opinions were now doing so and sticking to their point of view

§ What I have noticed when I have been in the classes is a growing ability and confidence to question and reason

§ I have observed a range of lessons and have been involved in certain aspects of their delivery. I have been amazed and astounded by the depth and clarity of pupils’ thinking and reasoning. They are capable of considering situations from a far broader perspective than I would ever have though possible. They are also able to reflect more fully on their own actions in a more articulate manner than before and a degree of empathy is now clearly evident, which again was not the case, prior to the commencement of the programme.

§ Thinking skills programme impacted on other areas of the curriculum in terms of children'’ questioning and their respect for the views of others

§ I have been aware of fewer referrals (for behaviour) this year from pupils in the upper stages of the school. Pupils who have been referred appear to have a clearer understanding of the reasons for the referral and the reasons for the implementation of school sanctions

Children§ If you work hard in philosophy you become a better thinker in other subjects

§ It helps you to become more confident

§ There is more peace in the school – everyone learns to like one another

§ It helps you solve any dilemmas you have

§ It helps you know the difference between right and wrong

§ It makes you feel free to speak

§ It helps you concentrate and focus

§ It helps you voice your opinion

§ It makes you more aware of what you say and DO

§ It increases your self esteem

§ It has helped me look at things differently and respect other opinions

§ It gets you ready to think when you are working

§ It helps you focus on what you are doing


· The relationships in the class became much more honest, open and trusting. Barriers between pupils and between pupil and teacher were dissolving.

· The pupils were able to transfer the listening and articulation skills they developed into other areas of the curriculum, and were able to use their skills to advocate their perspective in conflict situations with others and with me.

· Pupils definitely developed the ability to justify their opinions and were able to do this without being prompted.

· The children became far more tolerant of an opposing point of view, and could disagree without it becoming an aggressive argument.

· In all curriculum areas children began to justify answers.