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About Us

Aude Education Consultancy offers advice, training and support to a wide range of education partners - promoting philosophical enquiry as a robust and effective pedagogy. This approach enables students to develop thinking skills and dispositions, as well as build social and emotional intelligence.

Paul Cleghorn was Headteacher/Principal of primary school in Scotland for many years. Later he was a Development Officer in Thinking Development before becoming an education consultant. A lifelong interest in philosophy and many years experience working with adults in this area led Paul to develop an approach to developing thinking and emotional intelligence through philosophical enquiry.

Paul directed the 'Thinking Through Philosophy' project in central Scotland that received international recognition. He was a committee member then Chair of SAPERE, the UK charity that promotes P4C - philosophy for children. With funding from the Scottish Government, Paul produced a DVD for supporting teachers developing philosophical enquiry.

Over the past fifteen years Paul has published several books, given workshops, keynote addresses and presentations in many parts of the UK. He has spoken at several International Conferences on Thinking. Paul has worked with schools, education authorities, government agencies and educational charities in several countries around the world. His books have been translated into Korean, Dutch, Hungarian and Marathi.

Doris Cleghorn was for many years a Senior Teacher in a primary school. She became involved in the 'Thinking Through Philosophy' programme in Central Scotland and was seconded to support teachers in developing philosophical enquiry in both primary and secondary schools. Subsequently she has worked in international projects supporting teachers and developing support materials suited to the country and culture. Doris was co-author of 'Thinking Through Personal and Social Development' for secondary school pupils.

Together, Paul and Doris have worked to bring philosophical enquiry to teachers in Grenada, India and Hungary through different charity projects.