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From Scotland to Texas
Congratulations Tim Ryan
TTP in Germany
Further Expansion in Aberdeenshire
New Development in India


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From Scotland to Texas

Prof. Frank Fair and his team at Sam Houston University in Texas have reported on their research project into the efficacy of the Thinking Through Philosophy programme. Very positive and follows the University of Dundee project of a few years ago. Read the full report, published in Journal of Philosophy in Schools at

Congratulations Tim Ryan

Congratulations to Congressman Tim Ryan. Tim, who represents Ohio, has introduced the 'Academic, Social and Emotional Learning Act'. Congressman Ryan is also interested in Mindfulness - for all, not just students. So good to see a politician who doesn't just pay lip service to the importance of emotional intelligence in education, and fostering social skills.

TTP in Germany

Thinking Through Philosophy will soon get a start in a Berlin school, thanks to teacher Doris Kula. Looking forward to seeing how this project develops.

Further Expansion in Aberdeenshire

Things in the world of philosophical enquiry in Aberdeenshire are looking good. Yet more teachers recently had a two-day training course. Another school booked for later in the year and hoping for and advanced course at the same time.

New Development in India

Congratulations to Padmanabh Kelkar for introducing P4C to Devangere. Good wishes to those in Don Bosco mission with their new project. I look forward to hearing results.

More Evidence for P4C

Congratulations to Headteacher Jane Craik and her team at Tullynessle School, Aberdeenshire for their recent HMIE report. Philosophical Enquiry is quoted as having a good impact on the development of children's speaking, listening and thinking skills.

India Visit

We will be visiting India again in early January, with the support of Yojana Project Help. The emphasis will be on working with some people with whom we have worked previously, in order to take them to a stage where they can train others in philosophical enquiry. There is a very good feeling working with people there - including Indian NGO's YPS and SEDT.

Netherlands Trip

We had a very useful trip to Nijmegan University and gave a presentation to about 35 former Masters of Education degree students, now working in different areas of the Dutch education system. A very nice group, who were interested in philosophical enquiry. Also had a planning meeting with Yojana Project Help volunteers about the next trip to India. 

Aberdeenshire Course

We had a really good course last week in Aberdeenshire with 25 teachers new to P4C. Nice people who inter-acted well. We have been booked already for a more advanced course next November!

Prof. Philip Adey

I was sorry to hear of the death of Prof. Philip Adey, whom I met a couple of times at International Conferences on Thinking. He was one of the first to put Dr Trickey's research on 'Thinking Through Philosophy' alongside his own and that of Feuerstein to show that intelligence is not fixed and can be increased.
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